Screen Reader & H5P

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We're embedding H5P activities into more and more of our courses at my Cyber School. 

My only conern is the ability of H5P activities to be read by a screen reader... I'm trying to ensure our curricular content is ADA compliant, meaning I'm trying to make sure the H5P activities are accessible to learners with visual imparements by having some type of audio that can be read alound to them. For example, with Images, I can add Alt / Title text. I'm not quite sure how to assist students through an H5P activity if they rely on a screen reader. 

I'm not sure where to begin doing that and was looking for suggestions. Thank you all!

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Hi 21cccs!

Our documentation provides a list showing which content types are accessible (for screen readers) and which are not yet.


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This link is great - thank you. 

Hello!  I am wondering if there are any updates to the types of content that is accessible for screen readers.  I noticed that the posting date was 10/12/18 and wanted to know if additional content types are now accessible.  Thank you!

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Hi ashoe,

The list gets updated when there are new additions/improvements to acessibility. You can also reference this page for new updates/releases.