How to change for once and forever the "Text overrides and translations" in Interactive Video? (Moodle)

Hi everyone! In first, my English is poor, I'm really sorry for that (russian is native). 

I using only Interactive video in H5P. There is a lot of education videos... And I need every time translate for my native language the "Text overrides and translations", when I adding videos. It's really annoying. Unfotunatelly, I'm not the coder or someone like that, and I don't get how I can switch this block to my native lang. I have accsess to FTP of my Moodle and can't find there any h5p's file with "Text overrides and translations".

I'll be grateful for any tips and instructions how to translate this. 

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Hi Lira,

The easiest way to do this is create a "template". If this is an Interactive Video, create one without any interactions and place your translations. Download it locally and upload it everytime you are creating a new activity. This way you do not need to place the translations everytime.


Wow, I'll try! Thank you