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Good morning

I'm working with moodle 3.5.2 and try to use H5P plugin (version 1.10). The installation seems fine and the creation of an interactive video sucessfull course too (i can read the video in the parameters windows of the activity). But when i want to use the capsule, it doesn't work. It's empty.

Some informations about the bug by firefox consol:

Échec du chargement pour l’élément <script> dont la source est «».

and a long list of similar "echec"

Unable to find constructor for: H5P.InteractiveVideo 1.19 h5p.js:861:5

H5P.error a long list of similar "error" TypeError: instance is undefined[En savoir plus] h5p.js:1773:1H5P.on a long list of similar "error" Thanks for your help. 


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Hi lroullier,

Thank you for reporting this could you please check if you have any PHP errors.


Hi BV52

The php errors file  is empty.

I'm checking the web log file without success to identify a potential php error too.

I disable some lines in /hvp/library/js/h5p.js:

* H5P.error = function (err) {

*  if (window.console !== undefined && console.error !== undefined) {

*    console.error(err.stack ? err.stack : err);

*  }

* };
and the next messages are:

SyntaxError: '' string literal contains an unescaped line break h5p.js:1839
Une chaîne vide ("empty string") a été transmise à « getElementById() ».

Thank you for your help.

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I don't quite follow. What does "i can read the video in the parameters windows of the activity" mean ? Can you elaborate ? I also don't know what the "capsule", that you wan to use is.
In general it sounds like the H5P.Transition library is not found, this could be due to a unsuccessfull installation of Interactive Video for instance, are other libraries working ? Please set

$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = true;

in your config.php (this will allow you to replace libraries that are already installed), then download the interactive video example from ( and upload it to your server through the H5P editor. This should make sure that the libraries are re-installed to rule out any invalid library installation on your site.

Best regards, Thomas

Hello Thomas

I changed the config.php with the line "$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = true;" added. But anything changes in the directory /www/moodle/mod/hvp/library and the plugin doesn't work yet.

with the lines added:

 $CFG->debug = (E_ALL | E_STRICT);
 $CFG->debugdisplay = 1;
 $CFG->mod_hvp_aggregate_assets = '0';
 $CFG->mod_hvp_dev = true;

I obtains the follow message of error:

Échec du chargement pour l’élément <script> dont la source est «»

Échec du chargement pour l’élément <script> dont la source est «».

and many other similar errors.

I install the plugin on two other moodle, host with 2 other different servers: one failed and the second is functional  with H5P plugin.

I'm looking for the differences yet.


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Hi, please check for any php errors when installing the libraries. It seems like your libraries is not being stored properly for your site, since the site is not able to find the scripts.

HI Thomas


How could i install the libraries myself by ftp for exemple ? Where could i upload the files ? Is a zip file exist with the libraries ?

Thanks for your attention

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Hi, when installing the module for the first time you install libraries through the content type hub.
If you want to reinstall a library, i.e. if the library already is installed you can set:

 $CFG->mod_hvp_dev = true;

like it seems that you've already done, then download an example content from, e.g. by clicking "download" for the Multi Choice example content, then upload this content through the H5P editor, the system will then re-install the library if it is a higher or equal version to the one you already have installed.