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I just discovered H5P today and installed it on WordPress. I was wondering how do we group related H5P by Category. 

I know there are Tags but I can't see a category meta box. 

The Column Content Type can be used to group them together but it shows all the items at once. I wish to show only one Drag Text at a time and then have a pagination element to browse other Drag Text in the same category.

Thank you

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I think that as users create more and more content this is going to feature large in the "Feature Request". My own content now runs past the 50 items/creations and is only going to grow (around 3 pages when listed in my H5P "All" list).

We will eventually need a way to organise and sort our creations - folders, catagories whatever. ATM I am just being very, very careful about the naming of each one (note name NOT title) as this then keeps them fairly well sorted.

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@Souzou I'm afraid this is not possible as of the moment and the suggestion of Spartacus is the best route to sort contents. I myself have around 300 contents majority are for testing purposes but I make sure that I name them accordingly.

@Spartacus thank you for the input.

Note: I have moved this post to the feature request forum.


Thank you both for the information. 

Sorry, I think it wasn't clear in the beginning but the question really had 3 parts.

1. Create Groups/Sets of related content " say Drag Text " to enable pagination between the different cards on the front end.

> I just realized that the Question Set content type can do this.

2. Support for Categories in order to organize content in the backend.

> I guess for now the only way is to have a common naming convention that makes it clear to which category an item belongs to.

3- Ability to dynamically add newly created content to the site ( not having to add the short-code manually for every item newly created ) and filter the different content on the front-end:  I could use Tags for filtering but it will not be optimal since there is no parent/child relationship. Something like support for parent/child relationship and categories like the standard WordPress page or post would be ideal. 

> For now, I think one solution would be to create Custom Post Types and Taxonomies to organize the content, then use the custom taxonomies in the template to show content and enable filtering and searching on the front-end. I'll give a try and see how it goes.