How to translate the following buttons

Hi!  I couldn't find places to translate the buttons in Interactive Video and Course Presentation.  Could you please tell me how?  I have named the image files according to the buttons need to be translated.  Thanks.

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Interactive Video

Update to the newest version of interactive video to be able to translate these fields.

Course Presentation

The texts are part of the Course Presentation Editor library. Here are for instance the Norwegian translations. You'll need to create a pull request for a similar file in your language.

Thanks a lot!  I'll make the translation and upload the file back here for others to use.  


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Great :)

Hi, we've recently updated all the h5p modules, but all the past json files stop working now.  I've compared the semantics from the content type with my json file, e.g. Interactive Video, they're all the same, except the language.  The semantics from updated Interactive Video seems same as the last version.  And my json files still exist in the system (Drupal), just that they don't take any effect, it's all English now.  Could you please shed some light on this?  Thanks.  Jing

I've attached the Chinese json file for Interactive Video here


I found the reason, the updated the content types are with different lib ID now, both old and new content types co-exist.  Thanks.

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