Validating h5p package failed.

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I have a Dupal core 7.59 instance with H5P 7.x-1.35 installed.
When I attempt to update the content types via "Interactive Content" tab I get the following error.

Validating h5p package failed.

The file you uploaded is not a valid HTML5 Package (We are unable to unzip it) Get help

Any idea how I can fix it?

When is the July release avaialble?


Validating h5p package failed.
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Hi Robert,

Can you please check your browser console for errors and any PHP errors.


My Problem was that the sites/default/files/h5p folder was lacking the right to write a file to.  When the downloaded file is not written to the filesystem the drupal 7 h5p module gives the "not a h5p file" error. 



I'm downloading H5P files from, then extracting the ZIP,  changing one CSS declaration, recompiling the ZIP, renaming to .h5p and uploading to my  No matter what I do (or how LITTLE I do), I get two errors:
What am I doing wrong? Thanks

Validating h5p package failed.

A valid content folder is missingGet help


A valid main h5p.json file is missingGet help

H5P file: 
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Hi ArchonKen,

It's possible that you may be zipping the files the wrong way. Could you please check if you zipped the folder (won't work) or all the files (should work)?


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As BV52 mentioned, your ".h5p" file is really not an ".h5p" file, since it contains a css_test folder. It should contain the following files/folders in the "root" of the H5P file:

  • content
  • Drop-1.0
  • FontAwesome-4.5
  • H5P.DragText-1.7
  • H5PEditor.RangeList-1.0
  • H5PEditor.TableList-1.0
  • H5P.FontIcons-1.0
  • H5P.JoubelUI-1.3
  • h5p.json
  • H5P.Question-1.4
  • H5P.Transition-1.0
  • jQuery.ui-1.10
  • Tether-1.0

You could also have a look at the H5P spec

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It is the way the file is compressing.  Your file contained empty file paths.

For OS X and Linux run this command in terminal to remove extra files and empty directory paths.

zip -r -D -X css_test.h5p *

-D   do not add directory entries

-X   eXclude eXtra file attributes

To verify and compare the h5p files type:

zipinfo css_test.h5p