How long does it take to review the translations?

I have a question, how long does it take to review the translations normally? is that I have already made several translations into Spanish, and I am eager to use h5p in my language. Regards!

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Hi msegovia90,

Did you post a pull request in Github for you translations? If so it really depends on how much time the H5P core team has. But usually they go through translations in bulk every 2-3 months.


Yes, publish an pull request for several contents. In that case, how can I use those translations directly in my moodle installation? What file would it have to modify?

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Hi msegovia90!

The release manager of the H5P core team is on vacation right now. So, while merging the changes into the official repository is pretty quick, there probably won't be any updates before August.

To the best of my knowledge, there's no simple way to update files on moodle manually because of the way it renames and handles files. It might work for newly created content if you can locate the correct translation file on your moodle system and clear all caches, but I've never tried that. An alternative is to clone the official repository, do your changes, update the patch version in library.json, pack the repo into an h5p file and upload the library. Important (!) however: this will prevent official updates with the same version to be installed.