New Content Type: Lesson


We are currently planning to develop a new content type: Lesson (this name is tentative). We could summarize it as halfway between "Collumn" and "Course Presentation", as the fomer does not allow a sequential progress, and the latter does not behave well on smart phone screens. The goal of this content type is to provide a smooth user experience for mobile users (mostly). 

  • As a content creator you should be able to add content types in the very same way you do it in "Collumn". Nevertheless, contents will be presented to the learner one at a time.
  • As a learner you should be presented with the content and once it is completed you should automaticaly be taken to the next content, and so on. You should also see a progress indicator (a bar).
  • As a learner you should be able to see a final "summary" screen in which you could "submit" your results or "start over".

We have put together a mockup you can see here:

We would really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

A couple of questions:

  • For the H5P team: do you have anything similar in your roadmap? if so, how can we work together on it?
  • Fot the community: anyone interested in developing this content type together?



Sandro Franco

New Content Type for better UX
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Hi Sandro!

Sorry for having to wait for an answer. Your demo very much reminds me of what we have with Question Set today. Would this already meet your needs? If not, what could be changed and why should it be changed?

Apart from that, we're working on Branching Scenario which will also present content one by one, but also allow to traverse it in a non-linear fashion.


Hey there Oliver,

I agree with you that the overall user experience is the same as Question Set, it serves part of the purpose. First thing we would like to change is including other type of H5P content so that we can have a more flexible design (somehthing you find in column and course presentation). A second thing that would be very nice to have is to include learning objectives so that you can connect them to the activities/questions or excersices you design.

I would very much like to take a look at what your doing on Branching Scenario and see it it goes in the lines of our needs and maybe alocate hours from our developers to help you.



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Including other content types into Question Set is a piece of cake if the implement the Question Type Contract. It only requires to add them as a library option to the semantics file. However, Question Set was supposed to include Question Type content types, so Image Juxtaposition or Image Hotspots are not included.

I can't decide if it was better to ditch that restriction or to create another content type. I'd tend to the latter, because you might want to add some more features that don't make sense for a question focused content type. However, this might be a very quick start by just forking Question Set, adding your wishes and removing the stuff that's not necessary.

The viewer part of Branching Scenario is basically done. You can check it out on github. However, we still need to finish the Visual Editor -- working without it is really not much fun for complex branching structures :-)


Hi Oliver, 

Looking over this! Have you considered looking at mini course... i think with complation and progress and step / moduled lessons it is worth the time put into it .. i had requested an update but it is currently being refracted... a repo is available on git hub...



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Hi Farris!

I have a long list of things I might do in my spare time ;-) Mini course is not on it yet, but I think I'll leave that one to Pål who created it. Refactoring means "changing the code without changing the functionality" by the way, so if you use it today, it should still work exactly the same afterwards.



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Hi otacke
I think Scenario Branching will be a game changer for H5P, particularly if it has a simple progress console with feedback and timeouts as well as being able to handle re-entrant or recursive branching and stack-handling. This will kill off Smart Sparrow.
Regards, Robert

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Hi Robert!

I guess it will not please everyone initially, but it can always be improved. Well, and it's open source :-)



I haven't looked at branching scenarios but if someone generates an .h5p, I gladly will. I think the Moodle Lesson is a great tool which unfortunately doesn't look great (as far as I am concerned). I love the fact the branches can be turned into menus or questions, and h5ps embed so easily in the text area. I agree that the above looks like a question set.