Save content state doesn't work in Audio content

I an using Moodle 3.1 and have Save content state set to on.

When I create and Audio resource linked to an MP3 file, the resource works. But if I play it partially then return to it, it goes back to the beginning.

Is this content type designed to retain playback information? If so how do I get it to work in Moodle?

If not, is it in the roadmap to add this feature?


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Hi nvcacad!

You mentioned your answer yourselt: It's simply not implemented, so it is not a bug.

The core team does not have any particular plans to implement this feature, but it is really a very small task and the H5P community is warmly welcome to contribute this feature (you might want to create a feature request in the appropriate forum). H5P is a community project. The core team can't do it all on their own.


Thanks for replying quickly with helpful information.

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You're welcome!