Problem on size of video displayed in Question Set

Hi, in the Question Set settings, I added passing and failing videos before test summary, but the videos are only displayed as a narrow stripe, the upper and lower screens are not shown.  Also when it comes to the summary part, sometime the display is also too narrow that the Retry and Show Solutions buttons do not get displayed. 

I'm using Drupal for this.  Is there ways to resolve this?  Thanks.

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Thank you for reporting. Screenshots or links to content with the problem would be great!

Hi!  Please see the screenshots attached.  Since the web is in Chinese, so it'll be a bit hard for you explore the link.

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I was able to reproduce the problem. It is probably easy to fix. I've made issue on it. Hope we can fix it today.

Great!  Thanks a lot!

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Thank you for reporting this. The issue was related to resizing of the Question Set content type. The fix can be found here: github commit.

The change will be included in our next release, which can be found at

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Fix released now. You'll find it here:

Thanks again for reporting!