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While is still in beta state, I wanted to draw attentions to a "legal" issue related with the name H5P.

I assume that H5P is a registered "trademark" whose right of use belongs to Joubel or some other contributing party. I say "assume" because nowhere on this website have I come across a statement that confirms this. If such a statement exists, it should be made more visible to prevent misuse.

Moodle, for example, has a trademark policy (as explained here) which ensures that the word "moodle" cannot be used in a domain name without permission. Similarly, H5P management should make sure that, for instance, I cannot go and start a website like and provide a SaaS system even before is fully functional.

H5P as a trademark
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Hi Hakan!

Thanks for the hint. We had an open ticket for this issue anyway, and we changed the footer of the website to address that issue.


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Hello again,

I can see that the footnote has been adjusted to point to the issue of trademark. I followed the link and read the documentation thoroughly. I can see that there are a few writing mistakes that need to be corrected in this trademark documentation. I am sending the list of corrections I suggest as an attachment to [email protected]

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Great, thanks!

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Where are the thumbs up buttons in this place?

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There are no thumbs up button but that would be great to have :-)