Hi. Could you please give me the main steps for translating the user visible buttons and messages for all available or newly created quizes? I have to translate it to French and it's very hard to translate hundreds of quizes one by one. I'm using h5p inside wordpress wplms theme and I couldn't find semantics.json file in the h5p plugin folders.I also didn't understand where to put a new file with translation. Thank you

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Hi paracadute2009,

Have you visited this site? If not I suggest you check for additional information.


Hi. Thank you. Sorry for wasting your time. I'm a beginner. I have visited site and read about the contribution.  I understand that I need to use fr.json file for my purpose, but I didn't find information how to use it. Where should I place it? 

Thank you

Best Regards

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Hi paracadute, you can find the fr.json files within the language folders of any of the content types here:

You can attach your translation file here and I'll add it for you. 


- Tim 

Hi Tim. Thank you. Here is a file for question set- h5p-question-set/language/fr.json. I didn't understand how to download it. I don't want to make any changes in this translation. How to insert this data into my plugin and to replace english  messages with french ones? Or I have to do it on this site?

Thank you


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Hi paracadute2009, H5P should pick up the default language of your site and display the relevant language. 

In order to edit the language files you will have to create an account on, navigate to the relevant language file (for example here is the french file for question set: and press the 'edit' button that should be visible.

I'll review your changes and merge them in so that the entire community can benefit from the updates. 

Hi Tim.  Here is a translation I need - h5p-question-set/language/fr.json.  I didn't understand how to download and how to use it. Where should I place this data on my site or on to change english messages for french ones?

Thank you


I really like your content design.
And hope that I can give some help, like translate, to introduce the wonderful tools to my friends, students...
So I'm planning to update/add Chinese language for all h5p content  type, but I am afraid of that how long I need to wait after adding ?
OR if you can help me to merge the zh.json files if I finish them in  these days. (ps. I've done a little in github, you can review them first.)

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They should be merged in now :)