Interactive Video - Navigation hotspot

We are having issues very similar to that mentioned here :

We have done some testing and noticed that the issue is resolved as of IE11.0.57 (KB4096040)
But is still an issue on 11.0.56 and prior (IE10 aswell). Not sure if this can be used to work out what changed in this update?

We have also noticed if you interact with the seekbar at all prior to the first interaction, you can go through the multiple hotspots with no issues.

Edit - The issue also only occurs when using video files (we have tried .mp4 and .webm).
The issue does not occur when using a Youtube link

Edit2 - Issue looks to also be occuring in MS Edge

Just seeing if there had been any fixes going around? or news on the above bug?


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Hi Jason,

Thank you for the information. I have updated the ticket. 

As of an update we are still working on a fix for the issue.


Chiming in on this. Having the same issue with a video linked from Vimeo.