speak the words --> add image option, add audio option

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I am very excited to see the 'Speak the Words' task is now available and working with Chrome!  Amazing.

Now, if there were just an option to 'add image' as stimulus, and 'add audio' a wealth of content can be created for ESL and other subjects.

I would love to able to ask "What is this a picture of?"  "What is happening in the picture?"  "Say a noun/verb/adjective in the picture"

I would also love to be able to upload audio in which I say "can you say [word] ?"  "try to say [word]."  This would be ideal for speaking practice.  It would be great if learners can actually hear a native speaker say the word they are trying to speak.  

I understand that this is still a relatively new content type, but it would be great if it could be added to the Question Set and the Column content types.  Currently, only 1 Speak the Words question can be created.  There is no way to make a set of them....

Thank you in advance, developers!


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Hi Avi,

Thanks for the feedback, I love the suggestions for adding image and a uploading a native speaker's audio :)

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As a Chinese teacher, would love this!

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It would be great if 'Speak the Words' could also be fully integrated into course presentations and also interactive videos in the future. Especially with the option to send to audio files to a teacher. I know this is likely getting into some pretty heavy techincal stuff...but I'm really excited by the potential here. H5P has really distinguished itself with this sort of content creation possibility and I'm so happy I'm already using H5P for my courses! 

Just awesome!

I'm busy with making the vocabulary practice for language games and looking forward to attaching an image to the task!


I agree that the ability to add images and formatted text is important. It would also be nice to be able to embed a different web object.