Moodle: Restrict H5P content types to be used only in other H5P content types

Hi @all,

I did search the forum for my question but did not found related posts. So I hope this topic is not a duplicate.

I want to specify what I mean with my topic heading:

If I install H5P as a Moodle plugin on my instance and want to use, e.g the interactive video content, I could only enable the interactive video content type. However, in this case I cannot enrich this with, for example, multiple choice questions as the multiple choice content type was not enabled.

If I enable the H5P multiple choice content, I can use it in the interactive video content. But I can use it as a content of its own, too. And there lies the crux for us. Moodle provides a own multiple choice question type which is in use forever in our system. If both multiple question type contents (Moodle question type and H5P content) are enabled and choosable by its own, users might get confused. Both do similar things and how should a user decide for one option. We definately don't want to disable the core question type used in the quiz activity.

And here comes my question: Is it possible to generally enable all H5P content types but at the same time have the ability to define that they can only be used in specific H5P content types, for example, in the interactive video. So users would not need to decide between Moodle's quiz activity and the H5P activity to implement a multiple choice question instance. But they could use full features in the interactive video, because the usage of the multiple choice is being restricted to be used within the interactive video.

I hope it's understandable what I were trying to say and I'm curious if someone already thought of this and if it's imaginable that this restrictive feature could be implemented.

Best regards, Kathrin

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Hi Kathrin,

I'm afraid this is not possible. By disabling the Multichoice library, Interactive video will not be able to access it as well. 

But thanks a lot for contributing your ideas on how to make H5P better! We’re now working on something called the H5P supporter program allowing the H5P community to vote for and fund the top voted H5P features. Also there are developers in the community who every now and then works on a feature they find interesting or useful. I've also moved this post to the Feature Request forum.


Hi BV52,

thank you for your reply to Kathrin.

By disabling the Multichoice library, Interactive video will not be able to access it as well.

It's hard for me to accept this because on the one hand, we would love to adopt the interactive video and other sophisticated content item from H5P in our Moodle, on the other hand we're struggling to let teachers diverge for simple MC-questions from Moodle standard quizzes to H5P.

I understand your explanation that currently, the Multichoice library has to be enabled for interactive video to use it. However, I don't see a technical reason for it yet.

Wouldn't it be possible:
1. To install the multichoice library when the interactive video content element is installed (as it happens already).
2. In Moodle on /mod/hvp/library_list.php in the "Installed libraries" section, add a new colum "Only available as dependency".

Then, an admin could check the "Required" checkbox of a library to have it restricted as it's possible today.
But the admin could also check the "Only available as dependency" checkbox of a library to prevent it from being directly used, but to let it be used within other content types which depend on it.

I think that there is simply a political reason to keep the status quo, but if there is a technical reason, I would be curious to know.


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Hi Alex!

I am not quite sure where you read a "We will not do this!" in BV's answer. He pointed out that Interactive Video will not be able to use Multiple Choice questions if the library is disabled. You're right, he didn't insert "currently", but he also pointed out that we're open for feature requests if you lack some options.

If that came across wrong in some way or you were triggered to sense some kind of hidden agenda, sorry!


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The explanation for why it is like it is is that the ability to disable libraries were added before we had a Moodle plugin. It was added for Drupal where you may let some roles access the restricted libraries, and some roles not access them. The reason we created this was to let more advanced authors access the most advanced libraries. The features were ported over to Moodle as they were. They help in Moodle as well, but as you point out there might be other needs in Moodle. We will probably cater for these needs sooner or later, and if anyone funds it we will cater for this need right away.