Moodle Mobile Remote Add on

Hello H5P team,

I just wanted to know whether we have a H5P Moodle Plugin remote add on for Moodle Mobile App.

I have tested my moddle site with an integrated mobile app and I have realised that the interractive content created with H5P Activity does not load in the mobile app, rather it redirects someone to the browser.

Ideally, the content is supposed to load within the mobile app to allow offline access of the content especially in areas where network is a challenge.

Having done my research in moodle website, they have directed that a remote add on of the plugin uploaded within the moodle platform needs to be added to the moodle Mobile folder so as to synchronize data at the mobile app level.

Do we have an existing remote add on for H5P plug in?

Update please.

Thank you 

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Yes, this is unfortunate. There's no existing addon that I'm aware of, but there is an issue for getting H5P working in the Moodle app. Though, it doesn't look like anyone has had the time to look into it yet. The progress of the issue may be followed here: HFP-252.

Hello. Someone has developed a workaround for enabling H5P content on the Moodle Mobile app. You may follow the discussion here and perhaps test out the proposed solution. I'm hoping that with the release of Moodle Mobile 3.5, an official Mooble Mobile add-on for H5P will be possible.