"Changes cannot be saved"

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I have added a number of questions to one of my H5P interactive contents bits... but after pressing Save I am getting the message:

"The content on this page has either been modified by another user, or you have already submitted modifications using this form. As a result, your changes cannot be saved."

Why? None of that message makes sense. I am logged in (and so I doubt anyone else is logged in as me)... and I am editing to update the content...

I can still see all my questions listed... all 12 (which took me some time to do). But when I view the interactive content in a Blackboard page (embedded), only the first five appear.  There were five in the quiz when i started working on it this morning, so he morning's work isn't being saved... and I can't figure why. (When I log. in using a different browser, sure enough there are just 5 items, not the 12 that there should be.)

I haveused teh same process many time before without error. I don't want to lose all that work...

Any ideas?


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Hi Peter,

Are you seeing any browser console errors? Please also check if you have any PHP error.


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Does this happen each time you try to edit and save content?

Which platform are you on? Drupal?
I think this might be something that is built into the platform. If you are sure no one else has opened the content for editing there may be some sort of conflict between some of the enabled modules/plugins.

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I am simply using the web interface; it is there where I cannot save.

In the end, I couldn't fix the issue (it persisted whatever I tried, and I wasn't game to shut down and restart). The questions were there, but could not be saved. So before I closed things down (and lost stuff), I did this (in case others experience the same):

  • Went to the content area, and clicked to Edit. (The questions were still therre, but could not be saved)
  • Where the Questions are listed, I chose the "Textual" rather than the "Default" option on the right
  • I copied the text information  into a text editor (BBEdit)
  • Restarted the browser, and went back to the content. Yep: All the information was lost
  • Again, I went to the Question, and the "Textual" input
  • I pasted the text I had copied, and pressed "Save"

And it mostly worked.  (I needed to do some editing--some line breaks needed to be reinstated; images got lost, but I just reloaded the very same images; some question types were lost (e.g drag text)).

So it wasn't perfect, but meant I lost only a little rather than a lot.

It still doesn't explain the reason for the issue:  The same text was copied and pasted; the same images were uploaded. There was nothing untoward (non-ASCII characters). It now works, using the same text and images and question types, and the same browser (Firefox).

Perhaps my machine was having a bad-hair day.

Thanks everyone.

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That is odd, anyway thank you for sharing your insight. We'll keep a look out for this issue so that it won't happen again.


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It just happened again!

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Does this happen only for H5P Content or for other content as well?
Also, are you using Drupal, WordPress, Moodle or something else?

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  • Does this happen only for H5P Content or for other content as well?

Not sure what you mean... I've been using H5P and saw it. Most of my other web interaction don't require me to manually save stuff (usually happens automatically), so I wouldn't see a message about saving.


  • Also, are you using Drupal, WordPress, Moodle or something else?

I am using the Web interface only. My institution use Blackboard, so I create on the web, and then embed... But this issue happened when saving on the web interface.

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Are you sure you're not using multiple tabs and accidentally updating the content in another tab first? 
I've done some experimenting here on h5p.org and have not run into this issue yet.