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Hi there,

We are creating a new H5P Column content. Then we would like to insert some h5P existing content we already created like : drag & drop, question set ..

The point is that we cannot see this upload option in the H5P Column content. Should we have to recreate our existing contents neither that upload them in column content?

Please help.


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Hi Nabil,

you'll have to create the content again, unfortunately. The Core Team is going to release new code that will enable uploading of sub-content types later this year so keep an eye out for that :)


Excellent news. Column is such a great tool that anything to support its development is welcome.

Great news.

When this update is planned ?


could you tell me if interactive videos inside column content allow Text Track subtitles?

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Hi ngibson,

Yes this is possible by adding a .VTT file to the Interactive video under the "text track" menu. You can see a simple sample here.


Thanks for the example,

I saw that it was possible on h5p.org but we are using it in Moodle and I can't find the option to add the captions.

Under Start screen options there is no "Text Tracks" section for the interactive video when in a column.

Any ideas why?

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Hi ngibson,

There is only one reason I can think of that may cause this, the Column/IV libraries are outdated. You need to update those libraries in order for this to work. Luckily there is an easy way to do this by downloading the example I mentioned above and upload it to Moodle.


I'd like to upload content to a H5P-Column... still not possible, right? Any news about the release date of the planned update?

Great tool! Keep it up! 

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Hi mbehringer.it,

Great news copy/paste now available accross all content types. To do this while creating the Column content you need to open the content that you want to copy in edit mode. Please note that you can only copy/paste contents that are available in Column.