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It would be useful to have an option to have a transcript control for an interactive video. One example is SpeakerText's caption box ( ) but a more compelling case is the video playback used in Cousera, wherein a separate (hopefully positonable) box to the side scrolls the transcript and the transcript also serves as a control to reposition the video.

This would be useful for accessability for hearing impared learners (or when it is not acceptable to have sound or headphones).

Captions for Interactive Video
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Hi, that's an excellent suggestion. I've seen many people asking for similar functionality and I think it's something that needs to be developed. I hope that a developer or a company from the community picks this up and contributes a solution. 

Accessibility is a major issue for us - is there any news on this?
Is this issue on your road map?

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Hi, accessibility is a major issue for us as well. We are constantly improving accessibility of our content types.

Video already supports all modern accessibility options, it is up to the author to provide good transcripts and subtitles through the "Text tracks" options group when creating content. It is important that the author is conscious and deliberate about what "kind" of track they choose. For instance "descriptions" kind is suitable for users who are blind, or where the video can't be seen. Consult the "track" specification for more info on this.

I posted something about this in another thread but thought I should mention it here.

AblePlayer is a FOSS a/v player that supports an automatically generated transcription window. It also supports captioning, descriptive tracks and other accessibility features. It's HTML5 based and may be a good basis for extending the interactive video player.

An example using the auto-scrolling transcript feature is at

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My MP4 videos and audio transcription files are all on a Team GDrive, but I can't link those to H5P, so I uploaded them to YouTube. I can use the videos now, but I can't upload the .vtt transcription files! It is essential that I be able to add transcription to meet our college accessibility requirements.

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Hi profbird,

You need to upload the vtt files in Youtube. This blog provides steps to do this. I've also tested this and this works in my test content.