Linking Offline Websites in Moodle with H5P Plugin > IFrame Embedder

We are using "Moodle v3.1.8" and "H5P Plugin (Release v1.7)" in an isolated offline environment.

A large number of courses we create for our clients include content made by third-party software which builds standalone websites such as panoramas, web rotates, interactive games etc. I am a web developer and will typically just link these different builds using iframes and/or javascript etc. however need to do this using "Moodle" and using your "H5P Plugin > IFrame Embedder".

I am wanting to know where I can place all these build files and then link them to courses and what I need to enter in the iFrame settings "Source - URI to external document, or path to document found inside H5P (under / content)". Once I have done these steps I then need to know how to deliver this course to our clients who has the exact same version of Moodle + H5P setup.


I have since learned that this can be done using the built-in Moodle Tools which I have successfully done following this tutorial:

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Hi twilliams,

I'm glad you found what you are looking for and thank you for sharing your findings.