files names and their shortcodes


When I make an h5p file and export, it gives me a name like  interactive-1.h5p or sss-3.h5p for example and it gives the shortcode like [h5p id="1"] or [h5p id="3"] (I did not use the last interactive with shortcode of [h5p id="2"] and removed it) to  insert it in my post but imagine for any reason I have lost my database and just have my posts  and the exported files like interactive-1.h5p or sss-3.h5p that their shortcodes in my posts are [h5p id="1"] and [h5p  id="3"] from the past when I want to upload the files again at the fresh instalation of the h5p plugin it gives me shordtcodes like [h5p id="1"] and [h5p id="2"] that are different from my old shortcodes and if I have hundred of h5p files I have to go to
hundred of the posts and change the old shortcodes to the new ones.

What is the soloution? When you have hundred of quizez it would be a nightmare.
If the shortcode be like the name of the file maybe it would be better. If the name of the file is interactive-5000.h5p the shortcode becomes [h5p id="5000"] too.


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Hi salamzaban,

Thank you for the suggestion.


I am not familiar with pprograming but if the shortcode could be like [h5p id="anything that we want"] or anything that after a technical problem we can have our interactive content reachable againg in a flash would be great.