Question Set - Doomsday Dashboard Freeze

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Hey there. 

I'm encountering a very odd bug. I uploaded the 0.5 library to the H5P plugin. I start building my quiz in WP, and things start out normal and fine. I get in about 7 questions, then on the 8th question all my content freezes. I don't know if 8 is somehow unlucky to H5P or what...Not just H5P freezes, my whole WP dashboard will not work. It's the weirdest thing.

Has anyone else encoutered this WP issue? I definitely running the latest WP version, and even after it kept freezing me out, I deleted the plugin and my minimal content, and re-installed everything fresh....But, it did the same thing afterwards. Some older quizzes  before ran fine, but nearly impossible to build a new as it may freeze me out anytime I click on 'Update.'

Anyhow, would be great if anyone knows anything.



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That is strange. Which browser are you using? Could you open the JavaScript console and look for any error messages? Press Ctrl+Shift+J to open it if you're using Chrome.

Also, can you check which version of the Questions Set and question types(Multichoice, etc.) you are using? You should be able to see which versions you have under the "libraries" page.

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Yah, I was using Safari...I'm giving Chrome a go now, so far so good...Will update if freezes again. It happens all of a sudden in Safari. I didn't think to try a different browser, so will try to repeat everything in Chrome. I was using the very latest library 0.5 downloaded from H5P just a couple of days ago...The question set version 1.2.0, and I was only using the drag and drop question, also 1.2.0

Anyhow, many thanks. Will keep things updated here.

Kind regards,



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What version of Safari are you using? I just created and modified a quiz on Safari 8.0.4 without any issues. If you're using Safari on Windows I believe it has been abandoned and should be avoided.
You should be able to open the error console in Safari using Alt+Cmd+C, or from under the Develop menu in the top.

We appreciate the updates :-)

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Hey there. Sorry for the very slow response. Last note was the night before I headed out on holiday. So, just back now into the swing of things. I am using Safari 8.0.3 (on a Mac), and Chrome 41.0.2272.118

I basically have done this. I go to add new, then create a question set. After this, I try to create a series of questions which only use the drag and drop text question type. Here are my drag and drop text questions:

Wǒ *chángcháng**hěn**tòng*:I’m often (feel) very hurt.*

Wǒ *chángcháng**hěn**fán!:I’m often very annoyed.*

Tā *chángcháng**hěn**bù**gāoxìng.:I’m often not very happy.*

Nǐ *chángcháng**hěn**è!:You’re often very hungry!*

Nǐ *chángcháng**hěn**lèi**ma?:Are you often very tired?*

Nǐ *chángcháng**hěn**bù**shūfú**ma?:Are you often uncomfortable?*

Shéi *chángcháng**hěn**xīngfèn!:Who is often very excited?*

Shéi *chángcháng**hěn**shēngqì?:Who is often very angry?*

Wǒ *chángcháng**hěn**qīngsōng:I’m often relaxed.*


Each time I try to create this series of drop and drag text in Safari or in Chrome, the screen totally and instantly freezes as soon as I hit 'create' for the quiz. All the buttons on my Wordpress panel freeze, but if I click to other tabs within the browser I can view and interact fine. This is a very odd bug, because I was able to make other quizzes previously, but this bug suddenly hits, then I'm not able to create any more quizzes, as each time I am frozen out of the page completely.

I have went to view the javascript, but there is nothing at all showing up...The bug hits and freezes everthing, so I'm not sure there's a hope of seeing anything.

Don't know what the issue could be, as so far you have been unable to recreate the issue...Very strange because it was working, then suddenly decides not to...Any other ideas on how to address or fix it would be great. I'm going to try Firefox, but I'm guessing it will work fine for 1-2 quizzes then start freezing  me out again. Could I be missing something on my computer? But that wouldn't explain why I could initially create quizzes no problem...Many many thanks for your ideas!

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I tried it in Firefox, and same issue arose...But I got some more info...See below

Also, here is the code highlighted in the debugger as apparently having some issue...I'm not proficient in javascript yet, so it doesn't make sense to me.

this.trigger('resize');return score===maxScore;};C.prototype.calculateScore=function(){var self=this;self.correctAnswers=0;self.droppablesArray.forEach(function(entry){if(entry.isCorrect()){self.correctAnswers+=1;}});};C.prototype.hideEvaluation=function(){this.$evaluation.html('');this.trigger('resize');};C.prototype.hideAllSolutions=function(){this.droppablesArray.forEach(function(droppable){droppable.hideSolution();});this.trigger('resize');};C.prototype.addTaskTo=function($container){var self=this;self.widest=0;self.clozesArray=[];self.droppablesArray=[];self.draggablesArray=[];self.$taskContainer=$('<div/>',{'class':TASK_CONTAINER});self.$draggables=$('<div/>',{'class':DRAGGABLES_CONTAINER});self.$wordContainer=$('<div/>',{'class':WORDS_CONTAINER});self.handleText();self.addDraggablesRandomly(self.$draggables);self.$wordContainer.appendTo(self.$taskContainer);self.$draggables.appendTo(self.$taskContainer);self.$taskContainer.appendTo($container);self.addDropzoneWidth();};C.prototype.handleText=function(){var self=this;var textField=self.params.textField.replace(/(\r\n|\n|\r)/gm,"<br/>");var dropStart=textField.indexOf('*');var currentIndex=0;while(dropStart!==-1){dropStart++;var dropEnd=textField.indexOf('*',dropStart);if(dropEnd===-1){continue;}

I hope this gives further understanding into what is happening...

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icc is now on holiday. He is responsible for our Wordpress plugin and we'll let him follow up on this one when he's back. If this is urgent please let us now and someone else will help you.
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No problem. Just wanted to update too...It seems this is a drag and drop text specific problem, since if I use the other question types, I can create quizzes without my entire WP backend freezing...It's super weird, as it's not an entire brower issue, only the tab that displays my WP backend that freezes. I'm using the latest WP install, too. Will wait for icc to get back...that is if he's not gone for next 2 months. :-)

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Hello again!

It appears there's a bug in the "Drag and drop text" question type. You must make sure that you have an even number of asterisk(*) symbols, or the task/window will hang.
We'll create a fix for this. Until the fix is released just make sure the number of * in your tasks are dividable by two(/2) and everything should work.

Thank you for reporting this bug so we can get it fixed :-)

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Hey there. Thank you so much for getting back. Much appreciated. Yes, look forward to the fix! Glad the problem can be addressed!

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Hey there I just updated to H5P 1.5.0. The update notes didn't specify if my above issue would be fixed. I tried it out, and unfortunately, the same problem of the screen freezing while creating a 'question set' using only 'drop text' questions still exists. 

Was this intended to be fixed this time around? Perhaps it is set for a later update? Anyhow, many thanks for keeping up with my issue. It is much appreciated.

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Hey there. I combed over the * in my questions, and YES! I found the problem. I look at it so many times and couldn't see my mistake, then suddenly...I found it. You're right, it does work...That one little * did me in! I was blind to it so long. (I must be getting old!) Many thanks. Yes, the problem does seem fixed if you use even numbered *.


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Hi! I'm glad you found the culprit of the problem. Yes, unfortunately the issue didn't get fixed in time for this release. The status of the issue can be followed on GitHub.

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Hey there. Was wondering if would be possible to prioritize the freezing problem I have experienced. No idea how difficult it will be to fix...I was making a course presentation, and I accidently left one too few * in a drop and drag question...Pretty much this prevented froze the file and me from getting to slide where the problem was and fixing it. I had to delete all my work...So, as soon as the bug is fixed I will be a happy camper. In the meantime I'm terrified to mess up the * in the drop and drag. Thank you so much though for all the support here. If there's a link, I'd gladly like to donate to the project. :-)

Many thanks!

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Thank you for reporting this problem. The problem was fixed 27.04 at github.

You can get the latest "Drag and Drop Text" version there, or you can wait until our next release where we will include the fix! :)

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Cheers! Much appreciated!