Moodle Gradebook issue

I am actually using Totara which is based on moodle. 

My issue I discovered is the gradebook wont't show the calculated weight, contribution to course total, or course completion  for an h5p activity  unless i add another gradebook item to the course?

If i add a quiz to a course then the calculated weight, contribution to course total and completion for the H5p activity all are good but if I hide the quiz and remove it from the gradebook then they dont show up?.

I am using a simple true or false question type.

This means I cant use these activities for marks and/or part of course completion...

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Hi, I'm not able to reproduce this.
Could you give some detailed steps on how to reproduce this in Moodle ?
Depending on your server setup contribution to course total and course completion is done on "cron" or on a "scheduled task", if this one has not run yet, this may be the reason that your gradebook is not showing up to date scores. Can you see if this is the issue ?

Hi Thomas, thanks for your response. I have a deadline I have to meet so I cant test this at the moment, hopefully tomorrow. The results in the gradebook were  very irregular showing up sometime and then disappearing for the user not admin. I will try running the cron feature. Also a quick question: When using an h5p activity for activity restriction, If I have an h5p activity and the user gets the true/false question wrong and hits retry is the first result recorded or the highest mark? I know in regular moodle quizzes you can set it to use highest grade to achieve this. This also corresponds with activity completion. If I set the h5p activity completion to a passing grade I think the h5p element is using the first attempt even though the user has retried and got it right the second time... the activity tracking completion doesn't give me the green checkmark which means the user has achieved a "passing grade".

Sorry if this is not clear... I will gladley give details if you ask..




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For H5P the latest result is always the one who is recorded. There is no smart logic for determining if an answer gave a better grade than the previous, thus it just records the latest answer. This may be something we should make configurable at some point.

I'm pretty sure that the proper "scheduled tasks" has to run after you have completed the H5P content with full score before this is reflected in the activity completion block.

Hey I was thinking maybe by adding a quiz question forces the scheduled task to run which makes it appear for astudent in the gradebook?

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Yes, I believe this is correct.

To add to my reply: the h5p activity is showing up in the gradebook now. I have set the restriction based on the completion of an h5p activity. you cannot set this to passing grade...


I will try to set the course completion to 100% so they must get 100% on the h5p activities to complete the course...

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Just to be clear, setting the restriction means the completion criteria for the H5P activity, right ? This should automatically be set to the passing grade if a passing grade is set for the activity and completion tracking is set to "show activity as complete when conditions are met" and Require grade is checked in the "activity completion" group, when editing the H5P activity. 

Yes, my requirement is to make sure the learner passes the H5P activity before a certificate is released through the restriction feature. Normally I set an activity like a quiz,  completion to "must receive a passing grade" but this doesn't show up in the h5p activity config settings. Also in the certificate restrict access parameters section, "must be complete with pass grade" doesn't seem to work, so I can only set this to must be marked complete.

I guess what would be nice is if you could set the h5p activity completion to passing grade where you get the green check mark. then I could set the certificate restriction to release on passing mark...  Strangely enough I get the green checkmark for 1 h5p activity but I cant seem to get this to happen with any others.

I guess what you would need to do is allow the h5p activity to have a grading method like a quiz. There you can select highest grade, average grade, first attempt, last attempt and of course the "Require passing grade" completion parameter.

Currently we force learners to repeat quizzes until they get 100%. We see it as a learning activity rather than an assessment tool. We would like to replace our quizzes with H5P activities  but there doesnt seem to be away to force the learner to get the activity correct. What I figured out is to set the course completion so a student must get 100% to get course completion. So in the gradebook they see whether they have passed the H5P activity and must pass all of the activities to get the 100% for course completion.

The only problem with this is I cant use the H5P activity to release the certificate. 

Thanks for your support. :)


It looks like the h5p upgrade will allow you to set a passing grade. Hopefully the require passing grade feature will show up too!

FYI: I applied the latest h5P plugin upgrade and now everything is working peachy. h5p activity completions with passing grade show red x or green check when passing grade is achieved. They work with restrict access with require passing grade.

H5P is a great tool and as far as I am concerned puts the final dagger into Articulate storyline and scorm packages... ho 20th century are scorm packages lol... thanks for your support take care... 

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Glad to hear that the fixes in the latest version works well for you. Take care!