Course presentation and Moodle: Students reports dissapearing from the results.

When using the berries presentation in moodle it is possible to see a very nice report of all the questions answered if one goes to the Grader Report, selects the link to the presentation and then selects report (appears under the title: Results for ...)

Unfortunately sometimes students disappear from this list when a new student completes the module. Their final grades are still stored in the gradebook.

I haven't found any reference to this functionality online so maybe it is not supposed to appear yet. 

An additional feature request: it would be great if these results were accessible from the activity menu (the one that appears when clicking on the gear wheel)

Awesome tool, by the way. My students are loving it :-)

Miguel Ángel 

  • Moodle 3.3 Boost theme.
  • H5P 1.6
  • Chrome and Firefox
  • Desktop
  • Course presentation Module updated 2007-11-29 (could not find the version )
  • Berries presentation


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The report for Course Presentation works by only displaying the latest result I'm afraid. This means that if the student takes the task again with a valid result, the previous one will be overwritten.
This could happen if you just click the last page in the Course Presentation, which will submit a result. If you had done none of the tasks inside the Course Presentation this time the report will be overwritten with empty reports, unfortunately.
We definitely want to improve this in the future, but determining when an answer should be replaced is not straight forward as there is no generic way to determine if one result should be replaced by another, thus we just keep the latest results from a test.

For the feature request, is the activity menu you're talking about when you're viewing the actual H5P content, or when you see the activity in the course list, or somewhere else ?
And which results are you refering to, the gradebook results view for this activity or the actual H5P generated report for this activity for the current user, or something else ?

I'm happy you and your students are enjoying H5P :)
Thank you for the feedback, we'll try our best to meet your expectations in the future.

In Moodle, it would be great if there was an option to keep the highest score. That way, scores are only replaced if they are higher than previous attempt.  

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In some way I agree with askaskens. Although it would be more benificial for everyone if there is a choice of logging the highest score, latest score etc. This way we can cover all possible uses of the contents.



Sorry for the delay in the reply. The last weeks of the semester are hectic :-).

About the feature request: It would be a feature for teachers not for students. When login as a teacher in some moodle activities there is a menu that appears when you click on the gear wheel (see image1 attached). This menu provides a direct link to a summary to all the results. 

The request would be to have a similiar link when viewing the actual H5P content (image2) that would direct to the results page of the course presentation (The page with a list with all students that have taken the activity and a link to the report. See image3 attached)

 Thanks for your interest. Merry Christmas!

Miguel Ángel


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Hi Miguel,

Thank you for the screenshot and thorough explanation. This would give reviewers of the courses a more efficient way of checking the scores.

I also moved the post to the Feature Request forum.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)