Vidéo question not starting on computers in the classroom

First let me thank the team for such a great job with H5P, I've started working with last week trying several item, and i think it's great

But i need your lights, your knowings to solve a little problem

I made two interactives vidéos question

The first one here, made online

name is  Plic et Ploc  modified 2017/11/26 – 10:19

This one is added in a moodle page by the link given by the site

<iframe src="" width="1090" height="674" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe><script src="" charset="UTF-8"></script>

The second one is made by the H5P moodle plugin ( moodle 3.3) in the site i manage

On my computer, in the moodle site, both activity are good, starting, everything is good

On a android mobile, it is ok too

But on the computer in my classroom, working with win7, it's not

With Explorer, Firefox ( have'nt tried with chrome yet) bug's


For the first one, made online, there is a line saying "video player loading" and that's all

For the second nothing is shown, really nothing ( see file  in attachement)

Firefox  and Explorer are updated

Then why these problems ? Is it because of windows 7 ?

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This sounds like a video encoding issue. The codecs (used to play specific formats of video) are different in old operating systems and in older browsers. I suggest trying to update your browsers, and trying with chrome, also trying with a different video format to verify if this is actually the reason why it's not working.

Unfortunately fixing this is out of our hand, since it depends on the browser and operating system. Perhaps you can fix it by installing a newer browser version or getting the required codecs for windows 7. Sorry about this, good luck.

Thanks Thomas, now it work's on these computers.

you were right

Great to have the good answer at the first time