Speak the words : As not all languages are covered ...

Speak the words is a great tool, but I cannot use it as the language I'm teaching (Luxembourgish) is not in the list.

1. It would be awesome to give the possibility to course authors to upload their own audio instead of being limited to the languages in the list.

2. When students use "speak the word", in the step where they check their pronunciation, it would be very helpful having the possibility to play both audios (the students audio AND the native one) simultaneously in order to hear exactly where they have to improve their pronunciation.

Thank you all for your great job!!! Love it :)



as not all languages are covered, this may be a solution
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Hi, unfortunately we can only support the languages that the browser (Chrome) supports at the moment, since all the voice recognition is done in the browser, not server-side. 

Thank you for the suggestions, adding the possibility to upload an author's voice for comparison with your own pronounciation would definitely be interesting. I think it should perhaps be its' own content type though, since that would be a completely different interaction than evaluating voice programmatically, like speak the words does.