Question set and adding in textual format


Adding many questions in textual format is great. That is actually the only way I am adding questions.
But is there a way to add also questions with images/videos using the textual method? 

Currently the instruction text under the text field says:

"Use an empty line to separate each question. In multi choice the first line is the question and the next lines are the answer alternatives. The correct alternatives are prefixed with an asterisk(*), tips and feedback can also be added: *alternative:tip:feedback if chosen:feedback if not chosen. Example:"

What number is PI?

What is 4 * 0?

So I would like to have an image in all the multiple choice questions. This is now possible to add manually using the "default" -tab and the media type image, but is it also possible to add from the textual tab?  

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Hi! I'm glad that you like the text editor. How do you imagine it would look and work? I guess there could be some special keyboard shortcut triggering an upload dialog allowing you to select a file and then the filename is just used in the textbox, e.g. !myimage.jpg:Alt text


At least in my case, it would be enough to be able to put the URL of the image file.

For example: 

Question text:mediatype:image:myimageurl:alt text
*correct answer
wrong answer
wrong answer 2



just to use html in the question like: 

What is this animal <img src="" width="60" height="60" />
*correct answer
wrong answer
wrong answer 2


is this possible?


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Yep, that's a good suggestion!
It should be doable without a lot of work.

This should be done in this library:

Hello! This is really very fast to add questions with this option. Thank you for it.
Can I add any  other types but multiselect or only multiselect?

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This is only possible in Question Set with Multiple Choice content types, and in Summary to my knowledge.

Thank you