Embeded images in different question types

Hello! I want to add images in questions of the questions set. 
I see the option of adding media only for the multiselect now?
How can I add to other  types such as fill in the blank?
I tried to add tag such as <img src="URL" alt="alttext">

But it was filtered I suppose not as the tag but as the text.
Is it any way to add images to more question types?
Is it possible to have more allowed tags in text formats? 


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which content types in particular are you missing images for ? "Fill in the blanks" already has support for adding images (through the media group) in the editor. Please create posts for them in the feature requests forum if you think any other content types should have introduction images added to them.

Most tags are filtered out for security, but you can override this by following the guide for altering the wysiwyg editor and the allowed tags. Be aware that you'll need some developer knowledge to complete the guide.