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I'm using the documentation tool to build an action planning worksheet for a class. I think it lends itself to this quite well. However, it doesn't appear to save the user's data. I am deploying the class in Moodle and anytime I leave the tool and then come back, it is empty. I do have "Save content state" enabled in the H5P Moodle plugin settings.

But I'm guessing this is the expected behavior, hence calling it a "documentation tool", i.e. things are "documented" after the fact. I think it would be great if someone could identify their goals and the actions they want to take and then come back later and report on how their actions turned out, and then do the goal assessment.

Is this something that is possible to add? Might there be plans to add it?

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To make this happen, the "Save content state"-feature would have to be implemented by this content type. Maybe someone from the community would like to contribute here? I think it would be a nice addition for the Documentation Tool.

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Yes, a "Save content state" feature is absolutely necessary to make the Document tool really useful. I'll have a look.

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I have started work on a save content feature for the Documentation Tool. But it's not so easy.

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Documentation tool should not accept more than one each of the page types except for the Standard page! Some device should be added to the edit mode to prevent such behaviour.

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I think there are many different use cases for Documentation Tool, and I think changing this behaviour now can make existing content fail.

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What I meant if that if you create more than one page of the Goals or Goals assessment page in one Documentation tool instance, then you get a mess. Try it!

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I agree - you really get a mess with duplicates of Goals assessment pages :(

I guess this should be fixed by creating an editor widget, or only a library included as an editorDependency. If you find a solution, please share :)


Just got started working on concrete projects with H5P (in a Tiki instance). The Documentation Tool is very close to ideal for our use case: people building plans to develop their competencies, and tracking their progress. Setting themselves some goals in terms of skills and knowledge is pretty much what we need and the ability to assess these is very, very useful.

As @Papi Jo says, things get messy when you try to have multiple pages for goals and their assessments 


Thing is, though, apart from the export as a word document, we would really need a way to work with the data from the tool. But we pretty much need that to work.

Maybe someone on our team with enough coding knowledge can make this work, but it's one of those situations where we need to decide if it's worth it.

So, any follow up on this would be useful.

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Hi Enkerli,

Unfortinatly there isn't any news on this. And it's not in the plans of the core team to work on in 2017.

If your developers decide to to some improvements on this, I'm sure the community would be greateful if your shared it. If you shared your specification on how you would like to change it, I'm sure you will be able to get some technical feedback on this forum too.

- Tom

In the meantime, we created an alternative within Tiki. In some ways, H5P was my prototyping tool.

Get that the Joubel dev team has its own goals, especially with the .com/.org split. It’s just that there’s something a bit cumbersome with these different content types. Many of them can do neat things, including some which aren’t obvious from the description. But some of the things one may take for granted is really non-obvious. 

Chances are, will allow for easy appropriation of these tools by individual users.

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I'm glad you were able to solve this within Tiki. H5P is focused only on the content. will be a hosted version of H5P with extra third-party software integrated like an LRS and video transcoding. We're not planning to have improved versions of H5P or any extra H5P features on except things that third-party software provide, and that everyone can integrate. Video Transcoding via Amazon services, for instance, is something that can't be built into H5P.

I imagine that, with paying customers, might result in more feedback and more improvement potential being discovered and communicated to the core team faster. Fixes of such will benefit the entire community.

The will also soon be voting on feature requests on making it easier for everyone doing H5P development to see what features are most requested.

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Just thought I would add something in here. 

We have had to generate printable learning outcomes from within our training and I have set this tool up as a perfect way to do it. 

By setting it up as a range of Questions that have to be answered and then the learner is then encouraged to output to a Word document, download and email it the assessor. Working perfectly as an embedded item in a Moodle lesson, via the Atto tool provided by Nadav on

Working perfectly as an embedded item in a Moodle lesson, via the Atto tool provided by Nadav on github

Thanks, H5P team for a great looking interactive tool.. it can only get better

it can only get better, makes life so much easier than having to dive very deep into coding to get the same thing happing within moodle.