Any room for python?

I would like to have this in python or django. what projection do you have about it?

what API do we need to use to have this integrated?

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Thank you for the interest. There are many people who want to port H5P to other languages and plattforms. You would basically want to keep all our js code and port all our php code to python. We would gladly help by creating separate repositories for the js code - that's something we will do anyway. And document the interfaces between the js code and the server side code.

This will be quite a lot of work. It is not something that is on our roadmap yet, but we will be happy to help with documentation and advice. It will take you some hundred hours to get the work done I think.


I am very interested in getting H5P up and running on a python-flask based website. Any chance you could set out some high level steps for what needs to be done to port the PHP to python code. I'm a bit of a novice. Is anyone else doing any work here that I could help/borrow from that you know of?


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PHP has two generic PHP libraries:

These needs to be ported to Python. After that you'll need to port either the Drupal or the Wordpress plugin to python and python-flask. Use the plugin for the publishing system that is most similiar to Python flash.




We use the Schoology LMS. Is it possible to integrate H5P and Schoology? I am blown away with the H5P platform and it a wonderful resource for our faculty,

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There are plans to implement LTI support in H5P next year. So at that point, H5P should be able to integrate with Schoology.

Thanks for responding. That is awesome that we would be able to integrate H5P next year!!!

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You may sign up for updates regarding LTI on

does anyone know if something has been made to enable this on python? it will be quite interesting

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I know there has been done some efforts on making a Pyhon integration. See for instance:

I have not tried either of them, so can not vouch for their completeness or quality. Let us know if you decide to make something yourself or extend one of these, I would be interested in seeing how it turns out :)