Translations of h5p into moodle in Spanish


Hello, I'm on the path / mod / hvp / en / here use the file hvp.php and I translated it.

the theme is for each tool h5p does not translate certain texts, for example:


is translated score text, states, summary, but interactive video follows in English the big part.

I would like to translate all the content, how is this done?



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Hi Javier, 
I'm glad that you've made a start with the main translations. If I understand correctly, you also wish to translate the content types, such as Interactive Video?
Those can be done by making pull requests to their specific github repositories:

I want to translate the "content types" directly from my server, can I? I have also sent translations to github, but you should check them first. What I want is to translate everything but from the moodle installation that is on my server, to be able to use the translation immediately.

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Sure, you can do that. Just add/replace the language files on your system and make sure all caches are clean. Please note that right now the new language files will only be used for newly created content. It will not be replaced in old content.


In what route are those files? I refer to the specific content, such as interactive video, memory game, accordion, etc.


thank you for your response

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Right, this is a little trickier on moodle than on drupal or WordPress. I actually don't know how its API stores stuff and where it places the files under which name. Maybe someone else in the community who knows more about moodle can help out.