wordsearch game

Hi dear H5P team 

I would like to request making wordsearch game content features admin can create many diffrent subjects wordsearch game with editable level like easy, normal, hard etc  i hope it will help to tutors especially language tutors making this kind of games can help to students entertaimental memorizing new words 

best regards 

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Hi ecevid,

Thank you for your suggestion. This would make a nice addition to the contents.


I think so too.

This content type exists on github the code needs cleaning..

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Hi farrisimin,

Thank you for pointing this out. I remember now why this content sounds familiar. You can read more about here.


wow a new find the word in a grid word search has been added to git hub... very exciting.. https://github.com/jithin-space/h5p-word-find-game it might need a little cleaning but it is even responsive... it needs a little bit of work but it looks superb .. the completed words might look better if the show a check mark like all other content types...

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Cool, looking forward to seeing it in action :)