No results after submitting a questionnaire

I installed H5P (Wordpress 4.8.2 and H5P 1.19.4) and created my first questionnaire.  However, when I completed the questionnaire and submitted it, there is no results in the back-end.  I looked under My Results and H5P Content -> Results, and I just get "There are no logged results for this content." .  Am I missing something here?  Where do I see the results for all users who submit a questionnaire?

Cheers ... Jay

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Hi Jay,

If you look at Questionnaires description it states:

In order to enable H5P Questionnaire on your site you will need to:

  1. Enable LRS dependent content types under H5P Settings (the location of the settings will differ depending on the platform you're using)
  2. Set up a service to process the events (typically an LRS)

It's bulletpoint 2 that is important here. You need something extra like an LRS,  to process/catch the events from Questionnaire.

- Tom