Content Type for Course Scenario

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As I understand your sketches new elements are added to the canvas as a result of drag-operations. This is not supported by drag and drop, but it could be a new cool content type. Maybe it's someone in the community can build such a content type?

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Thanks for the response. The dragging isn't necessary. It was just an idea that I had. If there's a way for the user to click/touch the icon on the left and, if correct, the related image layer will show up on the right, that would work as well.

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It is a good idea, how would you imagine the authoring tool looking for this kind of content/question type ?

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Hi. It's been a little over a year since I've visited this concept and was wondering if any of the current content types would work to create this. This isn't my area of expertise, but I'm willing to try to develop a new content type or extend the existing ones. 

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Hi Benjamin,

I'm sorry but there are no existing contents that can achieve this nor projects to do so. If you are planning to create the content here are some documentation that can get you started.