Still small bug when embedding "Question set".

"Question set" embedded from Drupal to (allmost) "plain HTML". (Adobe Muse)

The main problem with the size of the "embedded stuff" seems to be solved, but it looks like that there is some other
"minor issue". When I come to the last question ant there should be a button "Finished", there is no button and its not
possible to com to the end of the questions.

(Oh yes, now I finally know how to to the upgrades, so it is done .. :-)

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I see. It seems that xAPI isn't working when you're embedding H5Ps that way, and that makes questionset stop working since it needs to know which questions has been attempted. We'll fix this next week.

Thanks a lot. I tried to embed it from a "plain html page" as well to se if the error repeated, and yes it did. It looks like that the "question set" module wil work "super good" for theory related to practical training and vocational educations. It is also very "neat" when you can run and update the module on a server with Drupal and then just embed it into any web page. This is quite easy to do (when everything works ok), and it will not be required to learn or rember more "Drupal stuff" than just that amount that is requied to install the H5P modulel. When this is up and running 99% of your time can be used for making "content" and not only "dealing with technology". For me as a techer this is a quite effective way of working and you can as an example just make your "questionare" in the evening and it will be ready for the students in the morning. There is no "technology related development time" when the module is installed and is reddy to be "embedded" (From anywhere). (There is actually also an other problem related to this embedding and that will be to restrict embedding from web pages that should not have such an access. (Access control - But this could be a later problem, if things are working very well, it's not in a hurry.)) 

I hope that this bug will be fixed in a future update of H5P as this is one of the more "usable" H5P modules. 

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Tested this out with the march release code(that haven't been released yet) and it all works fine!

Very good. I will implement it ans use it soon as possible :-)

I have tried to check the library update a couple of times but the latest release is still the 25 of february? (And none in Mars-April?)

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Yes, we're working on the next release now. Will probably be published in the beginning of next week.

We are in the end of next week .. It would be super to se the next revision some time ..

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Yes, sorry about that. The libraries are ready and Drupal is ready. We're still finishing up the Wordpress plugin. We hope it will be ready today so that the release gets published tomorrow.

Thank a lot. I deeded to make a manual update of H5P as i has no ftp server on my Linux server, and this was a little bit difficult. It all works now, but Ihave not yet made an extensive testing of "embedding of the question set" but I will do that quite soon. By the way, I made a small "work trough" of what kind of technologies that is available for creating "interactive HTML5 content" and I'm really surpriced to see how adwanced the functionality of H5P is compared with those other alternatives. (But I believe that it will be an advantage to "try to think different" when you are developing content while using H5P as a courseware development platform.)


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Interesting article about deflashing!