Support new calendar API in Moodle 3.3+

I would like to see this feature supported by mod_hvp in Moodle 3.3+

I can provide a patch / pull request via GitHub, would it be reviewed ?

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Yes, that sounds reasonable. The H5P Core team would review it.
Could you say something about use-cases for this feature, and the required steps to implement it ?
Also be sure to follow existing coding guidelines when providing the PR.

Thanks for your reply Thomas,

A basic use case is that the teacher would want to use activity completion in Moodle – see . Then – starting in Moodle 3.3 – a teacher can set a "Expect to be completed by" date for an activity, and this activity then show in the student's Moodle Dashboard (start page), as described in .

So in a nutshell a teacher states that he would like an H5P activity "completed by" a date he defines, and the student would see this requirement (among others) in his Moodle Dashboard.

Steps to implement are easy enough (for base functionality as described), see PR here: .