iFrames in Course Presentations (or embedding other h5p objects)

Hello all,

This has probably been requested already - in case it hasn't:

It would be really ideal if we could embed content in course presentations. Specifically, I'd like to embed other h5p objects into a course presentation (i.e. an image hotspot), but this could also be useful for embedding maps, calendars, and other web sites.

Thanks, Yasin

Author can use iframes inside CP
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Hi Yasin,

I've not seen it suggested before, at least. Thanks for your suggestion!

- Tom

Would be great! .... no! Would be suoperior!



I really really need this feature too!

My scenario: we have a bunch of interactive activities created in Keynote that are then exported to HTML5/JS/CSS.

We are able to use such a package using the Iframe Embed content type and the activity runs just fine.

We further want to track certain actions of learners to be able to see where they face difficulties (could be a UX issue or could help identify a learning difficulty).

However, this is clearly not possible in an Iframe situation.

If, on the other hand, we could have the Iframe facility in CP, we could ask follow-up questions or solicit feedback after the learner has gone through the activity.

Thank you!

-- ttks

I would also love to see this feature for similar reasons.

I've got interactive content made in Construct 2. It would be great to be able to include these in course presentations.

Cheers :)


I would really benefit from this feature too-it would really help to create independant e-learning courses.