Seeing student data stored with xAPI as a teacher in Moodle

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is it currently possible in Moodle to see what student data has been stored for a h5p content with xAPI? I'm aware of the fact that h5p reports the final score of an activity to Moodle and that I can see it in the gradebook. What I'm interested in is getting a summary of answer the students have e.g. typed in the 'Fill in the blanks' content type to improve the content depending on typical incorrect answers and to draw conclusions for my own teaching. This data is already stored somewhere to allow resuming of an exercise, so having some kind of teacher view would be optimal.

If there currently is no way of showing this data, is this theoretically possible and can someone point me into a direction of where to look. I suppose that this must be implemented in the Moodle H5P plugin, am I right here?


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The latest version of H5P for Moodle comes with a reporting module, which automatically generates reports from user answers.
These are available in the gradebook for an activity under the header "View Answers". For the content types that has the reporting functionality and where the user has given an answer there will be a "Reporting" link. Pressing this will render a report that shows exactly what the student answered for the different questions within a content type. I.e. for blanks this would be what the user typed into each of the clozes.

Hope this will be helpful in tweaking your content, please let us know if there is anything we can do to improve this feature.