Speak the word

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Speak the word is an excellent feature, especially for teaching languages.

Would it be possible to do the following:

1. Create a series of questions with in Speak the word. Right now it is only one.

2. Add the Speak the Word Question type to the Quiz set of questions.

I found a work around for me, to have a series of questions.  I used the embed feature and  embedded code into a moodle page which enabled me to have a few questions in a row.  This looks great. But the answers will not be recorded in course grade book and which I need.





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Hi Karen,

I'm glad that you like one of the newest contents in H5P.

For your questions/requests:

1. Currently this is not possible within the features of the content. I would like to thank you though for the tip on how to do it and you are right the score cannot be recorded that way.

2. There are plans to integrate most if not all of the contents in Course Presentation and Column but there are no timelines yet. I don't think there are plans in the near future in expanding the Quiz content.

I beleive that your points are very good and this can open a lot of possibilities with Speak the Words.


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Yes, I think there is substantial support for the integration of 'speak the word' into course presentations and quizzes.

The only thing holding me back from using 'speak the words' more is there is currently only one question possible. I have set this up via iFrame within Captivate to randomly generate a series of questions...it does work, but it's quite a work-around.

'Speak the Words' is such an awesome addition and I am still amazed how good it is! But for now, it kinda remains a Ferrari with a flat tyre. Huge potential which hasn't get been released. So, definitely look forward to more integration with other content types!

Cheers guys!