Can H5P do that all the following? Thanks for letting me know.

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------- I posted the same content half a day ago, but it didn't seem to go through. (Still not showing up) so I took the liberty to copy it here with slight changes. Thanks for understanding. -----------

Hello H5P'ers - I had to coin a new term for that, sorry.

I've just joined H5P and have a few quick questions about H5P content creation tools, specifically the Flashcards and Dialog Cards ones:

1) Flashcards Tool

....................a) Can you add sounds (and images) to either or both parts of a set or can this be achieved only with the Audio Dialog tool?

2) Dialogs Cards

.............a) Can I add a sound to the back of a set and not just on the front side as it appears to be on the h5p website?

Content types: 
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Hi CosmicLove,

I posted the answer on your other post. I'm sorry that you didn't see your posts immediately, our filter doesn't publish all posts realtime to prevent spammers. Don't worry though we check the filter regularly and publish non-spam contents.


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Thanks, BV52. Checking your reply on the other post now.