H5P as an Open Edx XBlock extension

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Does anybody think such an extension could be interesting?


It could be only the 'reader' function. Not needed the authoring tool.

At least as an start point.



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I think that would be a great idea. Someone has made a start on displaying h5p content types without a server: https://github.com/tunapanda/h5p-standalone

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Thanks Tim, good input!

Hi Saturio,

are there any news on this?

Do you by any chance know if XBlocks are only available with a self-hosted / customized Open edX installation or also as part of edge.edx.org or edx.org ?



Hi Bjorn,

Xblocks are available for any installation

Thanks! Are there any news regarding h5p for edX?


There is possibility to croudfund it, but you can still use H5P in edX right now, but not via Xblock -  via edX IFrame html component. 

Let me know if you still want to croudfund it.

Thanks! Where/ how could I crowdfund it? Is there a website or do you mean hiring a developer to do so?

To crowdfund you can create post here: https://edxchange.opencraft.com/ - place for features for OpenedX.Also you can hire a developer to build it. My company (raccoongang.com) develops XBlocks  for different customers, and we are in the process of negotiating to create such XBlock for one of our customers, but in this case it will probably be closed-sourced. If it is crowdfounded, it maybe open-sourced.  Also it can be develped only for you with your customer features.

Great, thank you! I think for us it's not, yet, relevant, but it would be great if you could keep me posted! Or is there a way to follow the progress automatically? I couldn't find anything in the Opencraft forum when searching for H5P - otherwise would have subscribed to a channel there...


I'm not sure it will became public so far. But if it will be, it will be announced in edx user groups email list.

Alright, thanks! Then I'll just post and ask here when it's getting more concrete on our end...

Thanks for taking the time to respond so quickly and for making H5P available to more (learning management) systems and people! :-)