H5P, Accessibility, WCAG and WAI-ARIA (and more Moodle)

It is extremely important for H5P to be accessible by everyone. The Internet is such a wonderful tool for people with disabilities. Visually impaired individuals may for instance explore a world of information and interactions as long as the content follows accessibility standards.

In upcoming releases the core developers will add more and more accessibility improvements with WCAG 2.0 AA conformance as the goal.

In the April 2016 release we started on Multiple Choice and in the next release Question Set and Fill in the Blanks will follow. Perhaps more if additional community members join in?

Accessibility in H5P is also the topic for a Hackaton in Montreal April 13th as part of WWW 2016 and I hope we'll see many great contributions from that as well.

The next release will be about accessibility and UX improvements for Question Set and Fill in the Blanks.

I'm also very happy to announce that in May we will integrate H5P's authoring tool with Moodle, and probably release the first official version of the H5P Moodle plugin.

I'm seeing more and more interaction between community members here on H5P.org and I'm looking forward to also see H5P taking a bigger step into the Moodle world.

Keep up the great work everyone!