Better support for copyright display

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It's pretty neat that you can add copyright information to media that you include to content types. Still, this feature could possibly be improved:

1) As a content creator, within the copyright edit window I want to be able to add information in a text field in order to be able to fully comply to Creative Commons licenses that require to indicate if changes were made (and what changes).

2a) As a content creator, I want to be able to not only set the license for others' content that I am remixing, but also for my resulting content type in order to show others easily what they may and mustn't do.

2b) As a content creator, I want to be able choose a license for my content type from a list that only contains those licenses that can actually be used based on the media I used from other people. For instance, if I use an image licensed under CC BY and one licensed under CC BY-SA, I want to be presented with CC BY-SA only.

2c) As a content creator, I want to be shown a warning if I combined media with licenses that cannot be used together for remixed content, e.g. an image licensed under CC BY-ND and CC BY-NC, see

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Hi Otacke,

Thanks for the feedback.

I've sent the link to this feature request to our UX designer, so that she is aware of your suggestions, for potential upcoming changes to Copyright features.

- Tom

It would be so useful to be able to add copyright information in the h5p settings and have that reflected by default in all h5p-generated activities. 

Even better would be to have several copyright categories to choose from when creating an h5p, to override the default (in the settings). 

It would be much easier for designers to modify the fewest options rather than adding the same information to each image. 

Likewise, just as you have an Image Edit feature now, an add copyright feature would be fantastic - for website or company name + COpyright symbol + year. Ideally, this text could be dragged and dropped either within or without the margins in black or white.

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This is a great idea, thank you for the suggestion.