H5P Activities Not Visible to Guests in Moodle


I am having a problem where Interactive Videos are not avialable to Guests in Moodle (I would like the course content to be public).

Users logged in as guests can successfully view other content.  However, in selecting the Interactive Videos, the video description will load, but not the actual video.

Registered User Login
Guest Login Can't View H5P Content

It took me a while to notice this problem because apparently if I have logged in and viewed the content, e.g., as administrator, logout, and then view as guest, I can now successfully view any of the H5P videos as a guest (not just the one I looked at):

Guest Login After Admin Login

I have confirmed the setting here for enabling guest access:
And under Course Administration → Permissions → Activity: H5P  →  Get/view content of H5P file in course
the Guest role is among those with access.
Moodle is set to log in visitors as guest automatically for these courses

Moodle Version: 3.1.1
H5P version: 1.4
Interactive Video version: 1.15.0

Content types: 
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Try giving your guest user the following permission: mod/hvp:getcachedassets

Hi, icc,  thank you for your reply.

Course Administration → Users → Permissions
there is no mod/hvp:getcachedaccets option listed.  Is it configurable somewhere else?

H5P Permission Settings

For the available options, any H5P option that is enabled for students is also enabled for guests.

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If you go to 'Site administration \ Users \ Permissions \ Define roles' and click edit(cog) next to the Guest role you should be able to find and allow the permission at the bottom of the form.

(since content types are shared between courses the permission to view them is on the global/system level)

That has solved the problem.  Thank you very much!


I've gone to 'Site administration \ Users \ Permissions \ Define roles' and clicked on the edit (cog) next to the Guest role as well as the Student role and gave permission to mod/hvp:getcachedassets and nothing changed on the Guest or Student roles.

Is there something I am missing because it still displays the following on my embeded H5P activity:

The only thing it shows is the H5P logo with "You do not have access to this content. Try logging in."

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Are you able to view the H5P activity in the course it was created? 

Permission mod/hvp:getcachedassets allowed. Still I cannot see any content in guest role. Message: "You do not have access to this content. Try logging in." Need some good advice. Is there any solution here? Help!

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Hi, you need to provide us with more information for us to efficiently help you.

Which permissions are allowed for the guest ? Which context are the guest in ?
Have you enabled guest access for the course and the content ?
Is this normal content in a course or embedded somewhere else ?
Do you get any error messages in your browser's console or in your php error log ?

The more information you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to give you a precise answer and help you. Screenshots are also very helpful.
Thanks, Thomas.

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Yo tengo un problema parecido, pero los que no pueden ver los recursos interactivos son los estudiantes, quizá alguna idea por donde corregir el error?

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Hi vladycruz,

Please see my comment here.