Embedded H5P content (alt.: iframe) in an accordion


we would like to be able to embed H5P content in an accordion. We think it could be very useful. We want to use the accordion to structure different topics / lessons and then it would be great to start another H5P content from there. 

Thank you for helping us!

Ha det bra


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Did you try out H5P Accordion? Is it enough to cover your needs?

- Tom

Unfortunatly, as I understand it, the H5P Accordion only supports text fields - what I wanted to suggest: Wouldn't it be an interesting option to be able to embed another H5P content into an accordion panel?

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Hi dclausen,

This is a good idea. In the mean time you can either use the accordion to organize your topics/lessons as links to other content types. There is also a content type called Course Presentation that you can use to organize your topics in slides.



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Thought the same thing. Would be great to be able to embed more than text into the accordion...Good thinking.