Course Presentation - link target as pop-up not working


Im having a bit of difficulty with getting a link to work as a pop-up, even when saved as a pop-up it fails to open the link in a pop-up and does so in the same window. When returning to edit the text the link has been changed to open in a new target window automatically, rather than as a pop up.



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I have to admit I didn't know that popup was an option. Probably something that came when we updated the text editor. Will make sure the options gets removed. It is not something we support.

Is this an option that is not supported - although it is available to select. I can't get it to work in accordian - all links open in the SAME window which is very annoying - any chance this can be corrected.

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It looks like it is not supported. I agree that it can be cumbersome. I created a bug report for this