Integration of GeoGebra applets

GeoGebra is the one computer algebra system with geometric and statistical apps as well that is used in education world-wide, and like H5P it is open source as well and has a large and growing community.

How cool would that be for math teachers: Embed GeoGebra applets like in H5P interactive videos. Maybe it is not that difficult to implement because these applets can be embedded in normal web pages.

A good example of how that could work is how it is implemented in Office Mix.


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Thank you for your suggestion. If the content has to be embedded there is always a chance of XSS vulnerabilities. If it can be created inside the H5P editor that would be even more useful. You can probably already use it today through the iFrame embedder content type.

I am new to H5P, so I did not know what a iFrame embedder content type was, but indeed, plugging in the url for a GeoGebra Applet works for this type of H5P. Would be great, if that could be done directly in the interactive Video as well.

I would also like to see Geogebra inside H5P. Actually I was searching for a way to embed Geogebra applets when I found out about HTML5 presentations. First thing after I created my account was to search on how, and landed here.

It seems iFrame embedder doens't work on Course Presentation? It would be nice if it was made available there.