Interactive video time issue

Hi, I'm new to H5P but from what I can tell it looks fantastic!

Have tested out the interactive video and was getting used to the idea that it only supports whole seconds. But noticed on the iPhone I need to add 2 seconds jump for the interaction to work. I think the reason for this is that if I pause at 0:10 the interaction graphic is up until 0:11 so if I say jump to 0:11 it just gets stuck in the same place. If I jump to 0:12 it works fine but then there is a 2 second jump in the audio which is not ideal. 

The best for my part would be to have the option to use milliseconds in defining these parameters (and possibly being able to have a interaction graphic that is only 1 frame long) Any workarounds or thoughts on this? 

Thanks Jorgen


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Hi Jørgen,

Welcome to the community!

Thanks for the feedback! :) I will pass your suggestions on to our designer, to see if she has any thoughts on this.

I think we should look into the clock skew you are mentioning on the iPhone in any case.

- Tom Arild

Great, thank you! J