Drag Text - add false answers

We'd like to be able to add false answers to the drag text field to provide alternate answers. 

Add ability to add False answers to Drag Text question types.
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I approve of your sneakyness! Very good suggestion!

- Tom

If you mean having extra words, this would be fantastic.

That is precisely what I mean. Having extra words to choose from. 

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In the United States we have problems with people being afraid to make mistakes (fixed mindset) - so the idea of booby trapping a potentially important score, if the student is not then offered the option to engage and correct, is a bit of a bummer.

If you want to drive engagement in your quizzes, why not offer your students the option to double their points by filling in the blank - from long term stores? Knowing that an option to do so might be around the corner is surely a better argument for paying closer attention than the fear of being made a fool of on purpose.


As a teacher, I always have extra answers.  It ensures that students are thinking about the answer and not simply using process of elimination when getting to the last question.  The last question is just as important as the first one, therefore should require the same amount of thought.

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Very good point

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How old are your students, and what do you teach?


How are you implementing H5P? Are you embedding it in Moodle?

I teach junior high and I use the extra answers within matching questions on reading follow-up questions and unit tests.  We just upgraded to Moodle 3.2 and just got the H5P plugin added, so we haven't used it much.  I have used a "work-around" in which I have an H5P "activity" interactive video, which had to me watched to the end, which then triggered a conditional "quiz" with questions based on the video.  The quiz was not available until the students go 100% on the video.  I had a link to the "quiz" in the text above the video.

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I just took the Moodle training in January 2017 - which is where I learned about H5P. My "target market" is public discourse on the wings of WordPress, rather than K-12 and Moodle, so it's not clear how the LRS component will work itself out there (my beta posse is definitely complaining). But.

Just as an aside, they've probably fixed it by now, but when they first launched, you could get a Certificate of Completion from Lynda.com (an IT skills training company) -- published to your LinkedIn profile -- just by launching each video in a string of videos. Last time I looked (12/2016), they still didn't have quiz questions at the end of their videos.

And yet, it seems like it would go far to increase vigilance while watching the videos. Have you found that to be the case? Do you have some stats you could share with us? Are kids going from Cs to As?

Nope.  Again, I am just devling into the H5P plugin in Moodle.  My goal is to be able to increase comprehension with the video components AND prevent students from either skipping the videos or taking "short cuts".

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I had the same thoughts about adding false options. So hopefully this will be developed soon! :)

Best regards, Lila

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You could implement the strategy with existing technology.

Question *Answer*, Question *Answer".

False Friend: *Oops!*

Is there a reason why that wouldn't work?

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Hi Kiosa Coup,

I think it's a bug. I entered a similar case into the bug tracker earlier today. So I expect it to be fixed relativly soon.

- Tom

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No bug report from me . . .