Audio in quiz questions

How can I add questions in H5P where the user has to listen to an audio file then answer multiple choice or gap fill, based on what they heard? This is the feature I need the most as I have an English language learning website. 

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You may do this with Coursepresentation.

See CoursePresentation with audio and questions in action in our January release note.

I was lookingfor some solution on how to add audio to a PPT/Doc/Pdf file which is uploaded. Can we do this on each of the slides/frames set for each page of the ppt/pdf/doc

A single choice quiz with one audio file to listen before answering for each question,

Useful for language comprehension test, or music test. Thank you !

hi have you got anything like this to add audio to the questions and all the options in all content types as this helps ion making the assessment eligble to all physically challenged students also ....


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Hello, tdnshah! Currently, this isn't possible, but it's a really great idea. The questions and options do have readspeaker support, but this will only read the option text.

One should be aware that hearing impaired or people with bad hearing might not be as thrilled about such exercies.

Thank you for asking.

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You can save your audio as a video with a background image (I use openshot Video editor - open source) and then use interactive video to write a full quiz with many more question types. You can also add them after the specific listening component.

Thanks Verzog, that's really helpful